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If you went to the trouble of booking yourself how much can you actually save. Honestly, it will vary but I can tell you on our last holiday we saved at least £4000 and here’s how we did it.

As a group of 4 adults we did a tour of Asia including Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

High Street Travel agents package deal was £3600 per person a total of £14,400. We then contacted a Far East specialist travel agent for a quotation which came in at £2300 per person a total of £9200. So far we were looking at saving £5200 with little to no effort. The question is how much can we save by doing it all ourselves.

From Experience we knew to get a good deal we would have to book 6 to 7 months ahead (see table below) and the long-haul flight would be the most expensive to book and we’d have to book early to get a good deal.

Book Ahead by   Best Day to Depart   Best Day to Return
  2 to 3 Weeks   North America   Wednesday   Thursday
  1 to 2 Months   Europe   Thursday   Sunday
  2 to 3 Months   Africa   Monday   Thursday
  3 to 4 Months   Central America   Thursday   Tuesday
  3 to 4 Months   South Pacific   Tuesday   Wednesday
  4 to 5 Months   Caribbean   Thursday   Thursday
  5 to 6 Months   South America   Thursday   Monday
  5 to 6 Months   Middle East   Wednesday   Monday
  7 to 8 Months   Asia   Tuesday   Tuesday

In this way booking each element separately it cost us £1500 each a total of £6000 which was a total saving of £8400 from booking with a High Street Travel Agent and a £3200 saving from a specialist Travel Agents tailor made deal.  The breakdown of what we paid per person is detailed below.

  Manchester to Singapore returning from Bangkok Etihad (skyscanner)   £432
  Singapore Hotel Marina Bay Sands Room only (marina bay sands)   £270
  Singapore to Bali Flight with Air Asia (   £66
  Bali Hotel Kajane Mua Bed and Breadfast (   £138
  Bali to Malaysia Flight with Air Asia (   £66
  Malaysia Hotel Fraser Place Bed and Breakfast (   £75
  Malaysia to Koh Samui Flight with Thai Airways (   £105
  Koh Samui Hotel Coco Palm Beach Resort Bed and Breakfast (   £56
  Koh Samui to Chiang Mai Flight with Bangkok Airways (   £100
  Chiang Mai Hotel Nimman Mai Design Bed and Breadfast (   £44
  Chiang Mai to Bangkok Flight with Vietjet Aviation (   £100
  Bangkok Hotel Bed and Breakfast (   £15
  Travel Insurance with   £15
  Airport Parking  (   £18

We will use live data when booking our next holiday to illustrate the savings in real time and details will be shared in a future issue. As with the above illustration, we use comparison and non-comparison sites to find the best deals and will talk about this in depth in our next issue.

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